Online Tools For Every Business Owner

If you’re trying to grow the ultimate garden in your backyard, you’ll probably want to use more than just your bare hands. Just as gardening tools help a gardener grow delicious fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of online tools to help you grow your business.

The best part about these tools is that most of them have a free version to get you started without breaking the bank. We’re going to be covering five of the online tools that make our life easier every day, hoping that they can do the same for you as well!

Who are these online tools designed for?

We picked five tools that are beneficial to pretty much any business owner with an online presence. These tools require a bit of initial learning to get started, but they have a fairly easy learning curve compared to more complex programs. There are plenty of free videos and tutorials online that can catch you up to speed in a short amount of time.

Let’s take a look at the five online tools we recommend to every business owner!

1) Canva

We had to start things off with one of our personal favorites that we use every day – Canva! Founded in 2012, Canva is a graphic design tool website designed for both beginners and professionals.

You can use all of its features on its website, which means you don’t need to download a program to use it. This makes things really convenient for sharing projects between team member.

Canva uses a drag and drop format that is much easier to use than Photoshop or Illustrator. Canva comes stocked with shapes, illustrations, photos, templates, and pretty much everything you need to create custom images for your brand.

Canva is excellent for creating social media graphics, posters, flyers, brochures, resumes, and any other graphic design needs you might have. Canva takes a little while to learn, but it’s much better than having to pay a graphic designer for every custom image you need!

2) Grammarly

Another tool that we use every day, Grammarly is basically Microsoft Word’s autocorrect on steroids. Found on the App Store and Chrome Store, Grammarly is a web browser plugin that corrects your spelling and grammar on anything you type while using that web browser. Whether you’re typing an email, Facebook post, or blog article, Grammarly is there to save the day!

Grammarly also features a web app where you can create documents and share them with your team. We use this web app for blog articles and other written documents. Grammarly will then analyze your document, and give you recommendations on spelling, wording, and other improvements to your writing.

3) Planoly

Scheduling your content on Facebook has always been pretty simple, but Instagram has been a whole new challenge for business owners. Luckily Planoly came along and provided an easy way to schedule your Instagram content.

Planoly comes in the form of an iPhone and Android app, as well as a web app for your computer/laptop. The apps allow you to upload photos/videos, write captions, add hashtags, schedule each post weeks/months in advance, plan Instagram Stories, and track your Instagram page/post data over time.

Planoly now includes an auto-post feature that allows your scheduled posts to publish without additional action on your phone!

4) Airtable

Every business with more than one employee needs a way to delegate/organize tasks and projects in one place. We were using Asana for a while, but we felt like there were some features that it just couldn’t provide us. After searching far and wide for a solution to our needs, we finally found Airtable!

Airtable features all of the capabilities of a database in the form of a spreadsheet. The web app allows you to create separate “bases” for each project, which are made up of separate “tables” (spreadsheets).

The ability to link between different spreadsheets is what makes Airtable so powerful. You can create separate tables for each employee and project and link them all together so everyone can see each other’s progress. We can’t recommend Airtable enough!

5) MailChimp

Last but not least, MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and email service designed to grow your business. MailChimp allows you to organize your email lists, create custom email campaigns, automate your email/marketing, analyze your data, and advertise on its integrated Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms.

Technology Human Digital Marketing

I am excited to be a contributor to the Digital Marketing 2.0 blog. I thought I would use this introductory post to cover my background, my worldview and what I will focus on for future posts. I am a former Information Technology (IT) executive who spent the last 30 years leading global technology organizations for such firms as CS First Boston, JP Morgan and Legg Mason. Since leaving the enterprise world, I have started an independent practice devoted to strategic consulting, public speaking and writing. I maintain a blog at that explores the influence of various scientific disciplines on the management of information technology. I am also at work on a book that will follow the same themes as my personal blog. It will be available through Amazon in the Spring of 2012.

My 30 years as an IT practitioner inside the enterprise has driven home one theme: People focus too much on the nuts and bolts of their craft. They are insufficiently inspired by outside disciplines that can contribute to their professional effectiveness. In my field of IT, the focus is squarely on technical competence. Most IT professionals spend their careers learning new programming languages and gaining technical certifications. Their self-worth and organizational value is measured by the number of acronyms they can accumulate on their resume. In my view, a balanced focus involving outside disciplines would ultimately lead to a more complete and effective professional capability. Specifically, I believe that studying Psychology, Economics and Probability/Statistics would make the average IT professional (and most knowledge workers) more effective. Being exposed to such concepts as cognitive biases, unintended consequences and regression to the mean would enhance self-awareness, interpersonal skills and decision making.

Moving forward I hope to keep you informed and entertained by exploring a series of topics that examine the intersection of technology, human nature and digital marketing. I am especially fond of taking an historical approach, looking to apply lessons of the past to challenges of the day. Some of the themes I expect to tackle are as follows:

  • The Newlywed Game: The critical relationship between the CIO and CMO in digitial marketing strategy
  • Punch Cards to Social Media: The evolving history of IT in the enterprise
  • Risky Business – How to move forward with innovative technology without jeopardizing your brand
  • The Four Horsemen of the 2.0 Age – Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data
  • Nature vs. Nurture – The role of human universals in the workplace and marketplace
  • I look forward to an active and engaging dialogue with you moving forward.

Components Of Digital Marketing

Every business while starting digital marketing strategies they have to keep in mind, which are Components of Digital marketing that will help you to be successful online?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online marketing platform where you can sell products and services, build a brand, create awareness and Generate leads through digital marketing components such as social media marketing, Search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics.

What are Digital Marketing Components?

If you want to succeed in online business, choose the right digital marketing components for your business, and make proper digital marketing strategies.

There are 6 major digital marketing components

Search engine optimization PPC(pay per click) web designing Content marketing Social media marketing Web analytics

Let’s start with an overview of every single Component one by one.

1.Search engine optimization

SEO Stand for search engine optimization is the process of getting quality and quantitative organic (free) traffic by using a particular keyword to rank your website on a search engine result page.

Most of the people who search for anything on Google visit the top page and as for research, 70% of traffic comes from the First page Search engine results page.

If your website does not rank on top then you won’t get any traffic to your website, so SEO will help you to rank on top of search results.

What are the advantages if my website ranks on Google?

if you rank your website on search engine results page 70% of the traffic you’ll get

let’s assume example:

if one particular keyword will get 10,000 searches per month, in that 70% of visitors visit your website which means you’ll get 7,000 visitors per month to the website.

Search engine optimized website helps to get more sales, quality of leads, brand awareness.

One of the great things is you don’t want to pay any advertising or promotion because it’s organic (free) traffic.

How to improve search engine optimization

  • Use best keyword research tools to find a relevant keyword with low competitive
  • Publish relevant and unique content on your website
  • Make sure your website should be mobile-friendly
  • Improve your page speed of a webpage
  • Add social media channels to your site
  • Your website should be secure with Https
  • Build high-quality backlinks


Pay per click is when advertisers run the ads on search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing. They have to pay an amount when a user clicks on his ads every time.

PPC one of the valuable component of successful digital marketing and used by large businesses and they get high ROI(Return on investment)

If your website taking time rank on search engines organically then use Pay Per Click ads to get the results quickly by paying.

You can easily target the right audience in the right place and you don’t want to pay unnecessarily but he will be paying only a person clicks your ads.

What are the advantages of pay per click

  • Only you pay when a person clicks on your ads
  • You can generate the quality of leads
  • You can easily reach the right audience and the right place to your business
  • You’ll get more ROI
  • Budget-friendly
  • It boosts your website top rank on SERP.

3.Web designing

Web designing is major components and it is the first impression when people visit the website also helps to improve average session duration.

Web designing is the process of creating a website with several aspects which include pages, layout, content, graphic designing, etc.

Web designing created using markup languages such as HTML, CSS, also you can create web designing using WordPress.

Also, you can design website using SEO friendly site in WordPress you don’t want to use any advance markup languages

It is a drag and drop process anyone can create their own website with WordPress.

4.Content marketing

Content marketing is the greatest digital marketing strategy where you will provide valuable information to your audience then they will convert into customers.

When creating content keep in mind target the relevant keyword and provide the quality of content through the blog, social media post, or infographic, videos.

Content marketing will build a brand, increase sales and generate high ROI

When you build trust with your audience then only you can sell the products or services to your audience in content marketing

Content marketing strategy gives you 3X sales and revenue

When you provide useful (valuable) information it helps you to build long term relationship with your audience

5.Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a great valuable digital marketing component

In worldwide, there are 3.80 billion social media users in 2020

Social media marketing is used on social media to connect with your audience to drive website traffic, increase sales, and generate quality leads.

There are 5 major social media platforms for business

Facebook Linkedin Instagram Youtube Pinterest

Advantages of social media marketing

  • Your audience is there in Every social media platforms so you can reach the right audience and right place
  • Budget-friendly
  • You can create brand awareness, increase sales, increase website traffic
  • You can build communities for business
  • Solve the problems
  • Improve communication and interaction with your audience


Analytics is the most valuable digital marketing component.

when you start an online business you have to measure and track the data to know scale performance.

Where your business is succeeding or not, analytics helps you to figure out how your online business is running also you can make marketing decisions with the help of analytics.

Analytics show you some important KPI of your websites such as conversion rate, sales, website traffic / no of visitor visited your website, demographic interest, etc