What Is The Best Way To Fix A Bad Credit Rating

Millions of Americans have blemishes on their credit files that prevent them from getting auto loans, mortgages or credit cards. Unfortunately many people in their efforts to improve their credit fall prey to unscrupulous credit repair scams. The truth is that it is almost impossible to remove accurate negative information from a credit report.

Correcting past credit mistakes and improving your credit score takes time, commitment and effort and can easily be accomplished by paying your bills on time and following the following steps.

Start by focusing on getting installment loans paid on time every time. Installment loans are loans with fixed interest rates and are normally associated with big ticket items such as home loans, autoloans and student loans. .These types of loans are weighed more heavily than the credit cards when calculating credit scores.

Your goal is to pay these accounts on time and never be more than 30 days late making a payment for at least the next year to qualify for auto loans/credit cards and for the next two years to qualify for a mortgage.

Determining who gets paid when for credit score/rating purposes is as follows:

Student Loans, Mortgages and Auto Loans Credit Cards and other revolving debt, Non-reported debts such as utilities and cell phones

Non-reported debts will not show as late payments on your credit report – however, if you do not pay them or make alternative payment arrangements within 90 days, they will go into “collection” and will then show up as a bad debt on your credit report.

If you have open collection accounts on your credit report, almost all lenders will want to see them cleared up before they lend you money. Collection accounts also hit your credit score hard when they are new, you can see your credit score drop up to 100 points if you have one account in collection.

Generally, the only exceptions made are for medical bills, most lenders tend to over look these types of collections and will not required them paid off.

Paying off accounts that are in collection takes some planning , start with the most recent accounts first these are the ones that affect your credit score the most. Always contact the collection agency directly and attempt to negotiate a lower payment. Almost every collection agent out there will take fifty cents on the dollar -or less- if it means you can pay the account off now.

Negotiate with your creditors to get the best deal you can by telling them you only have X amount and can send it now, there may be some back and forth, and you may have to speak with the collection manager. Once you have negotiated a deal, always have the collection agency send you the deal in writing before you send any money. If you do not get the deal in writing before you send the money there is an excellent chance that the collection agency will just deduct the funds from the amount you owe and tell you that that they have no record of the deal and that you owe the balance outstanding on the account.

Once you have paid the account, save a copy of the deal and a copy of your cancelled check. After 60 days obtain a copy of your credit report to ensure that the collection agency updated your file. In most cases they usually fail to update your file and you will have to send a copy of the deal to the credit reporting agency. They will update your file and the debt will show on your credit file as “Settled for less than full amount”. This makes no difference to your credit score though, as far as your credit score is concerned the debt has been settled.

Keep in mind that a bad debt will “fall off” your report in 7 years. They no longer report it after that time. If the debt is close to the seven year mark do not pay it off, rather use your money to pay down your credit card debt.

Credit Card debt looks best on your credit report when it is paid on time and the account has been open longer than one year. The amount owing on any credit card should not be more 30 percent of the credit limit. For example if you have a credit card with a $5000 credit limit you should never owe more than $1500 on the card..

Any extra cash should be used to pay bad collection accounts, then pay down your highest balance credit cards then pay down your installment loand

None of these things will save you money. These are merely tactics to quickly improve your credit rating. Then you can worry about how best to use your money.

Huge thing to remember: check your report for incorrect items. Any lender who has denied you credit must legally provide you with a copy of the report they used to turn you down. Usually this is in the denial letter somewhere with 800 number to call credit agency to get report.

Finally, if you have to declare bankruptcy you should be aware that the bankruptcy will hurt your score badly for the first couple of years, there is nothing you can do but wait that out. Each lender has a different criteria for handling bankruptcy. It will usually be easier to get a mortgage than a credit card or auto loan after a bankruptcy. Bankruptcies will fall off your credit report in 7 years, too.

5 Reasons To Skip College

When I was younger, the plan for my future was pretty straightforward. You go to high school to learn, get good grades, and get into a good college. You go to college to get good grades and then get a good job. After that, just circle the mouse wheel until retirement. OK, that last part about the wheel was my own addition but that basically was my “job” as a kid. That plan worked for me and it’s the path many people have walked with great success, but it’s not the only path.

With the government looking at additional regulation on the for-profit colleges, I started to wonder again whether college is “worth it.” In general, it is. However, recently with all these for-profit schools, a lot of people are going to college unnecessarily. They’re being promised things that the schools can’t deliver. They’re being sold something they don’t need, depending on what they want to do, and they’re only buying it because we’ve put “college” on a pedestal. In this Devil’s Advocate post, I explain why you might want to skip college.

Most Colleges Don’t Teach Skill Trades

Colleges are good at teaching things best learned in a classroom or a laboratory. Philosophy, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, and such. They are not as good at teaching skill trades like being a mechanic or a welder or a fisherman. For skill trades, you are better off going the route of an apprenticeship or a vocational school that specializes in that skill trade.

If you go to college and get a degree in business only to graduate and become a fisherman, you’re wasting your money. That’s not to say a degree in business is bad for someone who is a car mechanic, but you don’t need to spend all that money and four years in a classroom when all the skills you need to learn are best learned hands on in a shop. A fisherman should, if he or she chooses to, go back to school for a business degree if it makes sense. But he or she should not go simply because everyone says he or she should go.

Not Everyone Finishes College

This entire post was inspired by this article in the New York Times that is advocating that some people skip college. One of the scariest bits of information they shared was a projection from the Department of Education. “Perhaps no more than half of those who began a four-year bachelor’s degree program in the fall of 2006 will get that degree within six years…”

Let’s say 50% of people complete the program within 6 years, that means 50% of people don’t finish and are paying for something that they won’t ever receive. That also means that a percentage of the people who do finish will be overpaying, since it will take them longer than the stated four years. What’s amazing about that statistic is that it screams one pivotal idea – not everyone is suited for college.

The problem is you can’t expect kids to know this because they haven’t been to college. They haven’t charted out their futures. That’s why you really need to rely on an honest and capable high school guidance counselor to help you decide what you should actually do.

Opportunity Cost of 4 Years

The average cost of college in 2009-2010 is $26,273 a year for a private college, $7,020 for a public college according to College Board. That means over four years you’ll have spent over $100,000 at a private school and $28,000 at a public school. When you consider the opportunity cost of not working for four years, coupled with the $100k/$28k actual cost, a college graduate is very much deep in the financial hole.

According to data from U.S. Census Bureau, the average high school graduate makes $30,400 a year. The average bachelor’s degree makes $52,200. How long does it take for the college graduate to catch up considering they’ve paid $100,000+ and haven’t been pulling a salary for four years (totaling $121,200). It takes a long time.

You Can’t Afford It

Student loan debt figures are at all time highs. Why is it socially acceptable to tell people “you can’t afford that Masterati” or “you can’t buy a 10 bedroom home” when they can’t, but not OK to say the same about college? Why is credit card debt so bad when student loan debt is good? People are graduating with a hundred thousand dollar student loan debts, which can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, and saddling themselves with multi-hundred dollar loan payments.

You should not go to college if you cannot afford it. This would be different if we weren’t surrounded by horror stories of student loan debt. These are stories of graduates who can’t find jobs and must meet a small mortgage payment each month. You hear about a philosophy major with $50,000 in debt and no job prospects. The reality is that they shouldn’t have gone to that school to pursue that major… it wasn’t worth it and they couldn’t afford it.

You Don’t Want To

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you to eat your vegetables? You probably fought them but you eventually ate them. You did it because your parents knew what was good for you and you, as a kid, didn’t. Perhaps they’re doing the same thing with college, telling you to go because it’s the right thing to do. They want you to go to college because it does, in many cases, give you an advantage in the workforce. They want you to go because they can tell their friends that you are going to college. But you should only go if you feel like that’s the best option for you.

You shouldn’t go to college because your parents want you to, or because your guidance counselor wants you to, or because your best friend is going and you want to be with him or her. You should go, and put yourself on the hook for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, if it’s the right decision for you.

10 High Paying Jobs For High School Students

Trying to find a high paying job while in high school is fairly tricky if not downright impossible. High school student tend to only work part-time plus being in high school means you have no “real-world” experience. However, just because you are still in high school doesn’t mean you have to settle for flipping burgers or serving blue plate specials at the local diner. Use your talents and skills to carve out a niche in the ranks of the employed.

The following is a list of opportunities waiting for the right high school student with enough ambition, determination and fortitude to go from zero to thousands of dollars a month.

Create your own retail website –

This is a no brainer. If you’re already computer literate, use this knowledge to create a website to sell products or services. There are plenty of free online hosting sites, cheap domain name registries and oodles of places willing to stock your virtual shelves with inventory. Or better yet, use your artist abilities to create your own products and sell them on eBay and Craigslist.

Complete online surveys –

One of the most popular and high paying sites is CashCrate.com. Sign-up is free and they will even pay you for referring friends. Doing this part-time can generate a very lucrative income. Modeling – If you have the desire to work in the modeling industry now is the time to get started. Even local gigs pay very well and just imagine what your income will be should you sign with a national agency!

Develop an iPhone game –

If you are an iPhone and computer whiz this is your ticket to a quick fortune. Develop a game or application for the iPhone and sell it to Apple. You’ll receive payment for the license and royalties for each sale.

Referrals –

There are literally thousands of websites begging for referral agents to market and advertise their company and its’ services. Many offer very lucrative pay-outs with residual income for life!

Google AdWords –

This one is tricky because going about it incorrectly is very expensive, however with a little research and study you can easily create a vibrant business in creating ads. Lawn mowing & landscaping labor – There are millions of lawns out there needing your expert trimming and mowing skills. With a sharpened blade and a little elbow grease, you can easily bring in $100 – $200 per day during daylight savings time.

Babysitting –

After taking a few free courses in CPR and emergency techniques at your local YMCA, you will be ready to start a babysitting service. There are plenty of small children within a few miles of your home (as well as elderly people too) whose parents or caregivers need a little time on their own. The prevailing rates are dictated by your area and your own skills. To register with an online service, visit SitterCity.com.

Tutoring –

Are you a computer whiz, expert at math, science, language arts or history? Do you know of fellow students struggling to pass a course? You can provide your services as a tutor in a discipline of your expertise.

Animal & house sitting –

Look around your neighborhood, how many homes have pets? Is it vacation time? You can go door to door leaving flyers offering your services as a house sitter and/or animal sitter. Many people are in need of this service and are far more willing to hire someone from the area than a service.

The rest is up to you. You can create any high paying job right now with just a little imagination, effort and ingenuity. All you have to do is think outside the norm, use your noggin, skills and talent to create a job market that is both lucrative and enjoyable.

Components Of Digital Marketing

Every business while starting digital marketing strategies they have to keep in mind, which are Components of Digital marketing that will help you to be successful online?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online marketing platform where you can sell products and services, build a brand, create awareness and Generate leads through digital marketing components such as social media marketing, Search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics.

What are Digital Marketing Components?

If you want to succeed in online business, choose the right digital marketing components for your business, and make proper digital marketing strategies.

There are 6 major digital marketing components

Search engine optimization PPC(pay per click) web designing Content marketing Social media marketing Web analytics

Let’s start with an overview of every single Component one by one.

1.Search engine optimization

SEO Stand for search engine optimization is the process of getting quality and quantitative organic (free) traffic by using a particular keyword to rank your website on a search engine result page.

Most of the people who search for anything on Google visit the top page and as for research, 70% of traffic comes from the First page Search engine results page.

If your website does not rank on top then you won’t get any traffic to your website, so SEO will help you to rank on top of search results.

What are the advantages if my website ranks on Google?

if you rank your website on search engine results page 70% of the traffic you’ll get

let’s assume example:

if one particular keyword will get 10,000 searches per month, in that 70% of visitors visit your website which means you’ll get 7,000 visitors per month to the website.

Search engine optimized website helps to get more sales, quality of leads, brand awareness.

One of the great things is you don’t want to pay any advertising or promotion because it’s organic (free) traffic.

How to improve search engine optimization

  • Use best keyword research tools to find a relevant keyword with low competitive
  • Publish relevant and unique content on your website
  • Make sure your website should be mobile-friendly
  • Improve your page speed of a webpage
  • Add social media channels to your site
  • Your website should be secure with Https
  • Build high-quality backlinks


Pay per click is when advertisers run the ads on search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing. They have to pay an amount when a user clicks on his ads every time.

PPC one of the valuable component of successful digital marketing and used by large businesses and they get high ROI(Return on investment)

If your website taking time rank on search engines organically then use Pay Per Click ads to get the results quickly by paying.

You can easily target the right audience in the right place and you don’t want to pay unnecessarily but he will be paying only a person clicks your ads.

What are the advantages of pay per click

  • Only you pay when a person clicks on your ads
  • You can generate the quality of leads
  • You can easily reach the right audience and the right place to your business
  • You’ll get more ROI
  • Budget-friendly
  • It boosts your website top rank on SERP.

3.Web designing

Web designing is major components and it is the first impression when people visit the website also helps to improve average session duration.

Web designing is the process of creating a website with several aspects which include pages, layout, content, graphic designing, etc.

Web designing created using markup languages such as HTML, CSS, also you can create web designing using WordPress.

Also, you can design website using SEO friendly site in WordPress you don’t want to use any advance markup languages

It is a drag and drop process anyone can create their own website with WordPress.

4.Content marketing

Content marketing is the greatest digital marketing strategy where you will provide valuable information to your audience then they will convert into customers.

When creating content keep in mind target the relevant keyword and provide the quality of content through the blog, social media post, or infographic, videos.

Content marketing will build a brand, increase sales and generate high ROI

When you build trust with your audience then only you can sell the products or services to your audience in content marketing

Content marketing strategy gives you 3X sales and revenue

When you provide useful (valuable) information it helps you to build long term relationship with your audience

5.Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a great valuable digital marketing component

In worldwide, there are 3.80 billion social media users in 2020

Social media marketing is used on social media to connect with your audience to drive website traffic, increase sales, and generate quality leads.

There are 5 major social media platforms for business

Facebook Linkedin Instagram Youtube Pinterest

Advantages of social media marketing

  • Your audience is there in Every social media platforms so you can reach the right audience and right place
  • Budget-friendly
  • You can create brand awareness, increase sales, increase website traffic
  • You can build communities for business
  • Solve the problems
  • Improve communication and interaction with your audience


Analytics is the most valuable digital marketing component.

when you start an online business you have to measure and track the data to know scale performance.

Where your business is succeeding or not, analytics helps you to figure out how your online business is running also you can make marketing decisions with the help of analytics.

Analytics show you some important KPI of your websites such as conversion rate, sales, website traffic / no of visitor visited your website, demographic interest, etc

Home Cleaning Business Plan

All Home Cleaning Businesses can profit from the process of creating a conscientiously written Home Cleaning Business Plan.

Preparing a Home Cleaning Business Plan forces you to employ a range of know-how from diverse disciplines:- accounting, human resources, distribution, operations and sales plus a few others. Your Home Cleaning Business Plan could be considered as a lot of smaller plans, one for each of the principal business disciplines.

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Compose the plan using words that you understand and consider to be correct; creating a plan that is total fictitious is a waste of time.

Your Home Cleaning Business Plan needs to be candid, well-defined and understandable and start with an Executive Summary for your Home Cleaning Business containing:

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