10 High Paying Jobs For High School Students

Trying to find a high paying job while in high school is fairly tricky if not downright impossible. High school student tend to only work part-time plus being in high school means you have no “real-world” experience. However, just because you are still in high school doesn’t mean you have to settle for flipping burgers or serving blue plate specials at the local diner. Use your talents and skills to carve out a niche in the ranks of the employed.

The following is a list of opportunities waiting for the right high school student with enough ambition, determination and fortitude to go from zero to thousands of dollars a month.

Create your own retail website –

This is a no brainer. If you’re already computer literate, use this knowledge to create a website to sell products or services. There are plenty of free online hosting sites, cheap domain name registries and oodles of places willing to stock your virtual shelves with inventory. Or better yet, use your artist abilities to create your own products and sell them on eBay and Craigslist.

Complete online surveys –

One of the most popular and high paying sites is CashCrate.com. Sign-up is free and they will even pay you for referring friends. Doing this part-time can generate a very lucrative income. Modeling – If you have the desire to work in the modeling industry now is the time to get started. Even local gigs pay very well and just imagine what your income will be should you sign with a national agency!

Develop an iPhone game –

If you are an iPhone and computer whiz this is your ticket to a quick fortune. Develop a game or application for the iPhone and sell it to Apple. You’ll receive payment for the license and royalties for each sale.

Referrals –

There are literally thousands of websites begging for referral agents to market and advertise their company and its’ services. Many offer very lucrative pay-outs with residual income for life!

Google AdWords –

This one is tricky because going about it incorrectly is very expensive, however with a little research and study you can easily create a vibrant business in creating ads. Lawn mowing & landscaping labor – There are millions of lawns out there needing your expert trimming and mowing skills. With a sharpened blade and a little elbow grease, you can easily bring in $100 – $200 per day during daylight savings time.

Babysitting –

After taking a few free courses in CPR and emergency techniques at your local YMCA, you will be ready to start a babysitting service. There are plenty of small children within a few miles of your home (as well as elderly people too) whose parents or caregivers need a little time on their own. The prevailing rates are dictated by your area and your own skills. To register with an online service, visit SitterCity.com.

Tutoring –

Are you a computer whiz, expert at math, science, language arts or history? Do you know of fellow students struggling to pass a course? You can provide your services as a tutor in a discipline of your expertise.

Animal & house sitting –

Look around your neighborhood, how many homes have pets? Is it vacation time? You can go door to door leaving flyers offering your services as a house sitter and/or animal sitter. Many people are in need of this service and are far more willing to hire someone from the area than a service.

The rest is up to you. You can create any high paying job right now with just a little imagination, effort and ingenuity. All you have to do is think outside the norm, use your noggin, skills and talent to create a job market that is both lucrative and enjoyable.

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